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Boity and casper are they still dating my spouse

Like realllly reallly close friends. Cant wait for people to hear him. Nyovest is just a word I made up.

Well, the things that I'm ok with the public knowing. So basically - my apartment is my fave party spot. Because I understand both worlds I come from the hood and I come from a really really violent background. And When I started my facebook account you had to have a surname so I used Nyovest as my surname. Phumakim is also hitting us hard.

Celebrities who are dating non celebrities

Hope you learn something new about him. Anything cooked by my grandmother. In Joburg, with the industry that I am in, I'm always at events so when I don't have to be at an event, I'm always at my place. Before hearing the song, before it hit the fans everyone was looking forward to it.

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The rest of your time with this person is determined by who they are within. Texts, phone calls and face to face. They had the jewellery and the fliest chicks and everybody respected them and when you grow up you see that its not respect its actually fear. Beauty only matters for a short while. That way, I'm not easily swayed or forced into situations that may not be true to my character.

So yeah my whole thing is these guys made it from being a normal human being to a million. The show has been performed across the country and overseas, to packed houses. Just getting the recognition that we deserve.

He had this gadget, its a watch when you lose your phone you press this button and your phone rings and he showed me how it works and I thought yo this is so cool. Physically, spiritually and mentally. Tell us about the worst date you've ever been on. But my mom used to live in a normal neighbourhood and I also know the suburbs and I had friends in the suburbs.

Its not up to marketing anymore, to have someone to have bought into what you doing. Before everyone knew us we knew that we were gonna be big before we made it. You hopefully get better and better with every gig.

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The same way I look at myself if you give me a stage like Kanye. Your comedy is so uniquely South African. What's your favourite hangout spots - in your hometown, and in the current city you live in. An extract of an article from the Sowetan Boity Thulo is blessed with good looks, confidence, and a humble heart.

Physically spiritually and mentally

But I wanna be a big star around the world like an American act. Have someone get into a taxi or a car to go to the store, buying an album is more than the cost of the album going there.

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