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What a person might want to think about is their intentions in order to assess whether they are pure and healthy. Even today people still believe that magic is entirely bad and should be avoided at all costs.

But magic is something that happens in everyday life, without the need for candles or rituals. Some believe magic to be the work of the devil and that it should be something which is criticized and dismissed entirely. Similarly, the modern Satanism of Anton LaVey and his followers does not necessarily involve Black Masses, except perhaps as a form of psychodrama.

Even today people still

There is no Color in Magic There are many people who do not believe that magic comes in any colors, so there can be no white or black or dark magic. While a person might quickly discount black magic as something which is always bad, this does not necessarily have to be the case. Another view is that the same spell could be either white or black, determined purely by the end result of the spell.

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The idea of black magic witchcraft is not as simple as it seems. For some, however, this sort of magic seems right and seems effective. Black magic can also simply be magic which works to do something to change a situation. And perhaps it is for them.

The distinction between black magic and white magic is debatable. This is probably not what you want to happen. If not, then you might be veering into magic that is not the best option for you. You focused your intention and made something more likely to happen.

What a person mightThe distinction between black magic and