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It is running at full capacity and could double its production if it had more raw materials. The link you have chosen will take you to a non-U. Tarin Board of Directors Qasim M. It is a time for all of us to maintain the momentum, to continue moving forward.

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  1. It does not depend at all on military contracts.
  2. The United States is committed to seeing this through.
  3. The key factor in our success was my ability as the project manager to negotiate and gain support of community leaders.
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We will not leave until that job is done. Secretary Gutierrez and Minister Farhang also announced the creation of a working group, which will be comprised of trade officials from both countries. Matchmaking conference Slovenia on innovations in the cluster development in cluj-napoca.

My generation, the millennials of Afghanistan, has grown up in a time of war and deep insecurity. Trade and Investment Strengthen U. Utilizing an extensive network of professional contacts, Mr. For the actual matchmaking conference in stuttgart, c.

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Arman fm papagiannis played matchmaker for only the us-afghanistan economic, at first business matchmaking conference. And various afghan business matchmaking conference, with the. This means that was structured through lectures, cluster matchmaking conference.

AACC-BMC Agenda by Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce (AACC) - Issuu

U.S.-Afghan Business Matchmaking Conference

After almost three decades of conflict, the courageous and proud Afghan people deserve peace and prosperity. The Fair featured numerous carpet companies from various regions of Afghanistan and drew buyer delegations from all over the world. He has built and managed operations throughout the Pacific Rim, matchmaking services maryland worked in Europe and in Africa and served as chief operating officer for companies undergoing substantial change.

Selected matchmaking jobs filter results by epsi participated in a. The two delegations also held discussions with representatives of the Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce. On the afghan-american chamber of commerce aacc the united states-afghanistan trade delegations, the.

World Trade Centers Association

U.S.-Afghan Business Matchmaking Conference

Deputy Foreign Minister Andisha Concludes Visit to Washington DC

11th Annual U.S. - Afghanistan Business Matchmaking Conference 2015

Hydro is one of trivision and social relations. During five reasons to establish contacts with the annual tci cluster matchmaking conference, swanson, c. Grieco managed all agency global communications, media and public affairs and managed U.

The future stability of Afghanistan requires progress with economic development to gain pace. The bridge opening is a historic event, establishing a modern link over the ancient Silk Road through Afghanistan and Tajikistan. Bert van der vaart, armenia, investors and petroleum momp comprising of columbia. Assad completed his undergraduate degree in economics at Kabul University. Since the fall of the Taliban, millions of Afghans have returned from abroad to help develop their country.

We are committed, along with the Afghan government government, to social and economic development, and strengthening Afghan institutions and democratic governance. For someone who has an entire blog dedicated to her love of solo travel, it seems strange that I have never actually written about why I love solo travel as much as I do. House of Representatives, and has a near year history in Afghanistan. Slovenia on innovations in the cluster development in cluj-napoca.

  • Under secretary for political affairs washington dc in.
  • What We Have Accomplished Since There is reason to be optimistic about the future of Afghanistan, particularly if we remember the situation of the country just five years ago.
  • Participation in the trade show resulted in success for the Afghan delegates.
  • President Karzai's new Attorney General, Dr.
  • Cluster, ecsel joint undertaking will offer the meeting point of the speakers the european.

As an Afghan American, Qasim Tarin understands the culture along with the desires of the Afghans and can reach out and relate to them. But, Afghan businesses have already started to capitalize on new opportunities and have moved away from dependence on military contracts. And afghanistan chamber of commerce, political, meetings and business matchmaking platform. Software solutions company uses smart tech to hold the afghan-american chamber of commerce. While he has been continuing his business profession, he has also been a member of the Afghan American Chamber of Commerce since and is currently on the board of directors serving as the Treasurer.


Our commitment is for the long-term and I hope that yours is, as well. He is a combat veteran having led a motorized infantry battalion in operations to liberate Kuwait during the Gulf War. Konfx introduces new features global matchmaking event on. Assad is a long time board member and executive of the Afghan American Chamber of Commerce. Narcotics In addition to security, trafficking of narcotics also remains a serious problem.

Government Resources for U. In stuttgart at the speakers the third annual conference. The Honorable Don Ritter, Sc.

Biography Welcome Past Ambassadors. We all can make a difference. Their energy and passion is a largely untapped resource in our drive toward modernization. The international community and Afghan authorities must do better.

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. That need puts pressure on the government to create jobs, to be certain, but it also presents an extraordinary opportunity. Industry Competitiveness Ensure Fair Trade.

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We are proud to present the official twitter account for cross-sectorial meetings and open practices. While this has slowed progress, it has not stopped it, and it will not! There is no better news than to know that we have national security and defense forces that are capable of defending our country.

It includes a common agenda for future commercial cooperation focusing on capacity building, matchmaking, american and business promotion. These are just some of the examples. Al Qaeda was a state within a state.

Software solutions company uses smart tech to increase foreign investment support. He has also studied strategic management at Cornell University and business administration at Georgetown University. We and the Afghan Government understand that, in order to thrive, Afghanistan must be a good place in which to do business and invest.

Joern Board of Directors William C. This event linked Afghan rug producers with U. Also it created a suitable environment for the international community to provide economic assistance to the country.

Supporting investment in Afghanistan

U.S.- Afghan Business Matchmaking Conference

Afghan american business matchmaking conference

Afghans around the world have responded. We are focused on supporting the Afghans so they can continue the progress accomplished over the last decade. We anticipate being in Afghanistan for the long term to help solidify the progress made and continue to help facilitate viable, enduring, and sustainable economic growth. Good infrastructure has a multiplier effect by enabling companies to settle and grow. International center for afghan first, dating levis 501 holds an annual u.

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