Adventure time dating games

Adventure time dating game

Olivia stated that their relationship may be mentioned in the upcoming book, but had no further statements regarding the two. However Finn and Jake both started yelling at Fern calling him a demon.

She repeatedly mentioned, or tried, drinking Jake's blood, and later Jake tried to eat Marceline before she could eat him. At the end of the episode though, they appeared to be on good terms as they were before and have been since. Marceline's father confessed that he only wanted to be very proud of her, and Marceline told him that she wanted him to be proud of who she wants to be. The Princess agrees to go with Marceline, who then flies her quickly out of the window and the Candy Kingdom.

Bubblegum says that the shirt means a lot to her and she reveals that she sleeps in it. Finn said that Jake had been missing for five weeks, leading Jermaine to believe that the dream was true, and Jake is in danger.

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This really freaked out Finn. This episode shows that Marceline and Princess Bubblegum have a long and complex relationship. In the same episode, Finn sees Marceline naked as she is about to take a shower, resulting in Finn being very flustered. Dirty money and frustrating.

Adventure time dating games

It is not known how Marceline became separated from her after the apocalypse, though it is likely that she perished in the War as the vast majority of humans did. When she finds Bubblegum, Marceline is upset that she was uninformed about the exile. Meet at kongregate, by pendleton ward.

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Marceline states that she and Bubblegum often hung out down in the mines, before Bonnie got too busy being the Princess of the Candy Kingdom. Finn was given an option by the Catalyst Comet to live a new, cosmic form of life, but he declined. He went onto a raft and took into the ocean. Minerva does not appreciate this, but Finn shows her memories of him helping people in Ooo and they reconcile.

Despite this Finn was happy to see Jermaine, but Jermaine was very stressed with the work that his late father left him with. Marceline had invited Bubblegum to ditch the event, but the invitation is rejected as she wants to finish a crossword puzzle. Though Marceline discourages the Ice King from constantly coming to her house, she does not immediately force him out even when Finn and Jake arrive to take him away.

There are the platform for cartoon network. It is possible that she based the story on her own interaction with Finn.